Immunization Project

The NYSAFP has contracted with the NYS Health Department Immunization Bureau for 8 years to develop educational and informational programs to inform family physicians regarding developments in immunizations and vaccine safety. Over the years, presentations on the progress of the project have been made at Winter Weekend, the Regional Family Medicine Conference, Congress of Delegates and other NYSAFP meetings and programs. In recent years we developed a tool kit to assist practices in determining the cost and economic impact of including immunizations in the practice. The contract was renewed for a 9th year: 7/1/10 – 6/30/11. Funding was reduced but the project plan for the 9th year includes updating the tool kit and presenting at the annual immunization conference of the NY Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics which was held in November. Dr. Phil Kaplan, who serves as vice president of the NYSAFP, made the presentation. Dr. Kaplan also discussed NYSAFP’s working relationship with the Immunization Bureau and the experience of working with the Health Department and other provider groups on the H1N1 advisory group last year.

For more information and updates on immunizations, vaccine safety and our immunization project with NYSDOH, visit the NYSAFP Immunization Page: